HAP-Free Solvents

HAP-Free Solvents Help Fractional Distillation Applications

We provide safe, lower-density solvents that are just as effective in applications as their toxic Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) solvent counterparts.

CBG’s HAP-Free Solvents

The Environmental Protection Agency classifies many toxic solvents as HAPs, which are defined as substances that can cause serious medical problems such as oncogenesis, miscarriages, blood dyscrasias, liver toxicities and more. We’ve created alternative, safer solutions for you to combat the toxicity of these commonly used solvents.

Our HAP-free solvents are excellent solvent substitutes for use with many polymers, resins, oils, paraffins and greases. Learn about how they’ve contributed to CBG customer success stories.

The HAP-free options listed below are available in cases of four (1-gallon), 55-gallon drums or custom packages.

Formula 83 - the premier xylene substitute for tissue processing and staining in laboratories and research facilities.  Download SDS

Formula 66 - the alternative for tolueneDownload SDS

Formula 52 - the alternative for D-limoneneDownload SDS

Formula 78H - the alternative for terpenes and aromatic solvents with higher boiling points.  Download SDS

Product Quality

Perfect for use in our waste solvent recycling and lab distillation equipment, CBG HAP-free solvents can be used in laboratory tissue processing, manufacturing, painting, parts cleaning and more. HAP-free solvents are as good as or better than their aromatic counterparts in almost every application. Primary quality benefits include:

  • Faster drying
  • No oily residues upon drying
  • Faster deparaffinization
  • No benzene rings—more refined thinning agent
  • Well suited to low viscosity and high-solids formulations
  • Low density and low tension
  • No badge-testing
  • No orange smell, reduced odor


Changing legal requirements and increasing regulations are challenging solvent users to replace harmful solvents with safe and effective HAP-free solvent substitutes. Many states are making it difficult, and even illegal, to obtain HAP solvents.

Federal regulations often require monitoring exposure levels of certain HAP-containing solvents. This is not required when using our HAP-free solvent substitutes.

Safety and Health

CBG HAP-free options are effective alternatives to using xylene, toluene, D-limonene and aromatic solvents—this is why many companies are using our safe solvent alternatives and foregoing the use of these toxic solvents altogether.

HAPs have been proven to potentially introduce serious medical risks through inhalation, skin/eye contact and ingestion. Our HAP-free solvents eliminate the risk of user exposure that can cause serious medical issues.

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